Visiting Thailand Coffee Fest 2022

Thailand has had an amazing specialty coffee scene for the last few years. Whenever I travel even to small provinces, I see amazing cafes experimenting with something new all the time. With that, a coffee exhibition has also been taking place, and I finally got the chance to visit it this year.

Starting off, the expo takes place called Impact Arena. It’s a huge hall that’s a bit on the outskirts of Bangkok. It’s a bit hard to get to through public transport. But once you’re in, the entry is free and easy to navigate. There are about 100+ stalls from roasters all across Thailand and popular brands from around the world.

Thailand Coffee Fest 2022 was a 4-day event with loads of programs and workshops too. But pretty much everything happens in Thai and is not something I could participate in. With that said, navigating Thailand beyond tourism with good knowledge of Thai is not always easy. But everyone I spoke to was patient and tried answering my questions best they could.

Lots of shops also catered to cafe owners, selling cafe furniture, cleaning equipment, and more. But most of the shops were for average consumers like me, and it was hard making sure I don’t go broke. Here’s just some of the stuff I picked up.

The Comandante has always been on my wishlist, and I got an insane deal on it. A brand new MK4 grinder was cheaper than the resale prices I’ve seen, and I had to buy it. They also had a good deal on Flair Pro 2. Maybe next year 😉

Also, Pacamara, one of my favorite Thai roasters, had an option to make custom blends. I tasted a bunch of their coffees and got a blend done to my preference and ratio.

They also had vending machines throughout the expo to sell souvenirs. It included T-shirts, tote bags, cups, and stickers. The special edition cups were already sold out by the day I went, so I picked up some stickers to deck out my bottles.

Another surprising addition was an art expo. They sold both physical and digital versions as NFTs on Opensea.

Finally, I had to do this. Tao Bin is a popular vending machine that is there all over Bangkok and brews fresh coffee in seconds. I absolutely love it for its convenience. There’s a long-standing joke that these machines brew amazing coffee because they’ve trapped real humans in them. Well, I can confirm there’s enough space!

That’s everything for this year! I got back home extremely caffeinated, unable to sleep, and was only excited to try out more coffee. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

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