Trung Nguyen Creative 8: Review

Trung Nguyen Creative 8 cover

My trip to Vietnam early this year was an eye-opener for my coffee journey. Vietnamese coffee is its own unique thing, and I’m glad that I got to try it finally. I could never get enough of it. I fell in love with Vietnamese coffee so much that I threw away some of the stuff in my bag to make room for coffee beans on my way back. Trung Nguyen’s Creative 8 is the first of the many Vietnamese coffee beans that I’ll be reviewing.

For some introduction about Trung Nguyen, they’re the largest coffee establishment in Vietnam. Think of them as the Starbucks of Vietnam. They offer a wide range of Vietnamese coffee, and their Creative 8 is the best of the lot.

Trung Nguyen Creative 8

Trung Nguyen has six different coffees in its creative series, and creative 8 is their most premium one. Vietnamese coffee, in general, is robusta that is very strong and bitter. Creative 8, on the other hand, seems very different but tastes amazing.

Trung Nguyen Creative 8 Blind Testing

Trung Nguyen Creative 8 Phin

I got to try Trung Nguyen’s Creative 8 both at their store and back in my home with the beans I got. Vietnamese coffee is pretty simple to make, and I was quickly able to perfect it within a few tries. What I made was close to what I got in their store.

I made use of the Phin, also known as Vietnamese coffee filter, mixed some condensed milk and ice to made perfect use of these specialty beans.

Dry Smell

Trung Nguyen’s creative 8 is easily one of the best smelling coffees, but it is not for everyone. Coffee aficionados might not find it interesting because it smells less like coffee and more like chocolate. It has this strong coca smell, which overshadows any smell of coffee. But immediately, when you smell it, you know that this is something unique. I do not know of any arabica or even robusta coffee that smells like this, and I mean it in the right way.

Wet Smell

Unfortunately, after adding all the ice and condensed milk, there is not much to smell. It still has the smell of dark chocolate, but the other ingredients heavily submerge it.

Trung Nguyen Creative 8 Taste

The first thing that you notice when Trung Nguyen’s Creative 8 hits your tongue is its smoothness. This is the smoothest coffee that I’ve ever tasted, and that smoothness lasts for a very long time!

After the heavy coca smell, I was worried that the drink would taste less like coffee and more like a chocolate drink. However, I was wrong, and I was utterly blown away. The richness of the coffee lasts every second until your final sip, and the after taste lasts for a good hour easily.

Also, the caffeine hit from Creative 8 is the perfect level for me to get focused. I was continually reaching out to Creative 8 for some assistance in afternoons that I felt lazy and had to get my work done before deadlines. Creative 8 is the perfect drink to boost your productivity.

Trung Nguyen Creative 8 Final Verdict

I’ve tried various blends of Vietnamese coffee in the past few months, and there is nothing like Trung Nguyen Creative 8. This is easily one of the perfect drinks that I see myself having for years to come.

Roaster: Trung Nguyen
Origin: Vietnam
Bean Type: Robusta
Acidity: Medium
Sweetness: High
Bitterness: Low

Drip Score: 5/5

You can buy Trung Nguyen Creative 8 from Len’s Coffee in the US, or from Trung Nguyen themselves in Europe.

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