Toffee Roasters Wine Coffee: Review

Toffee Roasters Wine Coffee landed up on my counter by chance. It is super expensive. But I got a good discount with a credit card promotion that was hard to ignore and I had to try it.

Toffee Coffee Roasters is a small, third-wave coffee roaster based out of Mumbai, India. While they have a variety of Single-estate and blends, the wine barrel flavour is a part of its small batch series. It is hand-roasted and produced in much smaller quantities. In fact, they have only two blends in this series. One with wine, that I’m writing about here and another with Whiskey.

This is the first wine infused coffee that I’m tasting. The method involves storing the coffee beans for a few days inside an existing wine barrel. While I’m not sure which farm the beans were sourced from, it was grown somewhere in Karnataka at an altitude of 3,000 feet. These beans are then stored in barrels that previously held Cabernet Sauvignon, a popular red wine. The result is that the beans are infused with the flavours of this wine (Not to be mistaken, the coffee is not alcoholic).

The first time I tasted this, I was blown away with its taste. It had this sweet syrupy taste to it that is hard to describe. Sweetness is consistent throughout its profile. The smell and taste match and complement each other. From the start to finish, you have this lingering sweetness along with an aftertaste.

This coffee is meant to be consumed black on a V60 or any such pour over alternatives. It’s way too sweet when I tried making a cappuccino. But I can’t blame the bean, it’s not meant to be mixed with milk. It’s the perfect drink for folks who are not into black coffee. It should be mild enough for non-coffee people, and delicious enough for people who love their coffee.

Roaster: Toffee Coffee Roasters

Origin: Karnataka, India

Acidity: Low

Sweetness: High

Bitterness: Low

Drip Score: 4/5

My only problem with the coffee is its price. It costs Rs. 1,699 for 250 grams. That’s easily 3x of what I usually pay for specialty blends from most other brands. In fact, I’ve come across other wine infused coffee that’s much cheaper (I haven’t tasted them though). If you can forget the price, it is definitely one of the best coffee I’ve tasted this year. If not, I’d recommend trying it at least once. It’s just that good!

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