Seniman Sulawesi Toraja: Review

Seniman Sulawesi Toraja is another interesting coffee that I really love from Bali. During my time in Ubud, my morning routine was to reach Seniman after breakfast and get my work started with a cup of coffee before heading to my coworking space. On most of the days, Sulawesi Toraja was the coffee I went for.

Seniman Sulawesi Toraja

Sulawesi is a beautiful island in Indonesia, far away from the island of Bali. Once again, the high altitude in this region makes it ideal for coffee planting. Seniman’s offering from this region is 100% Arabica that is medium roast. According to Seniman, it has warm spice notes and long chocolate aftertaste. I love spice notes in my coffee, and I put it to test on my Aeropress.

Seniman Sulawesi Toraja Blind Test

Seniman Sulawesi Toraja beans

Dry Smell

Dry smell is the smell of the coffee before we brew it. As Seniman suggests, the coffee has spice notes and shows up in its smell. The smell of spice is really strong, with a hint of coffee. This is the stuff I love!

Wet Smell

Wet smell is arguably the most important smell of a coffee. It is the smell of the coffee once we’ve finished brewing it. This smell hits our nose even before the coffee hits our tongue, giving us an impression of the coffee.

Seniman’s Sulawesi Toraja falls a bit flat on this. It is pretty similar to the dry smell, but it is way more toned down. It smells a little bit of spice, but nothing special.

Seniman Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Seniman Sulawesi Toraja Taste

Seniman Sulawesi Toraja has nice spicy notes that are lasting in the tongue with a slightly lasting aftertaste. The coffee alone, is not impressive. However, Sulawesi Toraja when paired with food is on a whole another level.

Sulawesi Toraja is amazing to drink with some food, and that is exactly why I went for it every day after my breakfast. It tastes amazing with a wide variety of food, both sweet and spicy. I also liked to drink it in the evenings with a cookie or some other light snack.

By itself, the coffee might taste mediocre. But I really started to appreciate it with some food. At the time of writing this review I’ve run out of the beans and I sorely miss it during my breakfast every day.

Roaster: Seniman

Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia

Bean Type 100% Arabica

Acidity: Medium

Sweetness: Low

Bitterness: Medium

Drip Score: 5/5

You can buy Seniman Sulawesi Toraja from their website right now. They ship worldwide. For other Seniman options, check out our reviews of Bali Karana Madu and Flores Tengah.

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