Seniman Bali Karana Madu: Review

Seniman Bali Karana Madu cover

Bali Karana Madu is another interesting coffee that I got to try from Seniman after I tried the Seniman Flores a few weeks ago. Seniman Bali Karana is as unique as the Flores because it is honey processed.

Seniman Bali Karana Madu

The coffee is very unique from any others not just because of its process. Karana is a set of different coffees born from the collaboration between two different coffee professionals. They specialize in bringing out unique flavours from Indonesian beans.

Bali Karana Madu itself is a 100% Arabica bean from the Kintamani region. It is located in the north east region of Bali. However, what makes Seniman Bali Karana Madu unique is it’s honey process. This is the first Honey processed coffee that I got to taste, and I’m glad that I did.

Seniman Bali Karana Madu Pack

Honey process is similar to other processes where the pulp is removed. However, it is not washed before drying. It is dried right away, along with its outer layer which is sticky and sweet. The result is usually more sweet and less acidic.

Bali Karana Madu Blind Test

According to Seniman, Karana Madu has a rich earthy fragrance, with bitter sweet chocolate and caramel notes. Let’s put that to the test. I used an aeropress like always and I tried multiple glasses before writing this review. In fact, at the time of writing this, I’m almost done.

Dry Smell

Dry smell is the smell of the coffee bean. It gets you set up in the right coffee making mood, and Karana Madu is one of the best coffees that I’ve smelt. It smells so good that I kept reaching out to it just for the smell. While Seniman claims rich earthy smells, I got overwhelming smells of chocolate and a bit of caramel.

Wet Smell

Wet smell is the smell of the coffee once you’ve finished making it. It is extremely important as the smell reaches your nose even before the coffee hits your tongue. Over here, the smell feels reversed compared to the dry smell. We get a strong caramel smell, with slight chocolate.

Seniman Bali Karana Madu Taste

Karana Madu tastes like coffee with hints of chocolate. However, it does not taste like a chocolaty drink either, and leans strongly towards a coffee. Seniman has managed to find the right balance. Coming to the aftertaste, the taste of coffee washes away and only slight hint of chocolate is left.

Karana Madu is definitely something unique and unlike anything I’ve tasted before. My only gripe with it is that it does not have a lasting aftertaste. Also, the coffee tastes terrible and very sour if it is no longer hot. I had to make sure I finish my coffee just minutes after I make it or store it in a flask. If it loses its temperature, it is easily one of the worst coffees I’ve tasted. Now, this isn’t something back, but just something to keep in mind.

Seniman Bali Karana Madu final verdict

Seniman’s Bali Karana Madu is special and something that I’ll remember for a long while. In fact, I want to go back to Bali just so that I can buy more of this delicious coffee. It’s honey process definitely gives it an unique taste.

Roaster: Seniman

Origin: Indonesia, Bali

Bean Type: Arabica

Roast Level: Medium

Acidity: Low

Sweetness: A bit high

Bitterness: Low

Drip Score: 4/5

You can buy Flores from Seniman Shop here. For more Seniman coffee, check out our review of Flores Tengah.

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