Pacamara Thailand Doi Chang: Review

Pacamara is one of my favourite cafes in Thailand. They’re based out of Chiang Mai, the North of Thailand. Their cafe in Bangkok is amazing because it it tucked away in a hidden neighbourhood in the middle of the city’s bustle. I definitely made sure to pick up some beans before I left, and Doi Chang is one of those.

Pacamara Thailand Doi Chang

The name of the coffee is the region it comes from. Doi Chang is way over the north of Thailand, known for its high quality coffee plantations. Beyond that, there is little to no information about these beans on the packaging. As always, I put it to test immediately after I was back. I tested it on both Aeropress and V60. But this review is primarily based on the brews from V60.

Pacamara Thailand Doi Chang Blind Test

Dry Smell

Pacamara’s Doi Chang is washed process. Therefore it has a complex citrusy smell, with hints of apple and orange. It definitely stands out from most beans that I’m used to smelling.

Wet Smell

While brewing, Doi Chang has little to no smell. While the citrus notes still exist, there is very little to make out of it.

Filtered Smell

This is the smell that you experience right after the coffee has been brewed. This is the most important smell as it hits your nose while you take every sip from your cup. It is a bit disappointing that it does not have anything that is worth remembering. Once again it is citrusy, but this time with a focus on grape notes.

Pacamara Thailand Doi Chang Taste

Pacamara’s Doi Chang is a bit harsh on the taste buds. It is not a bad coffee, but not something that I reached out to often. It did not have a lasting aftertaste. However, it did receive a new life with other forms of coffee. I managed to make some of the best flat whites and cappuccinos with this. It also went really well with syrups such as caramel and hazelnut. Surprisingly, the citrusy smell does not translate to the taste. It is mostly acidic, earthy tasting.

Roaster: Pacamara

Origin: Thailand, Doi Chang

Acidity: High

Sweetness: Medium

Bitterness: High

Drip Score: 2/5

Don’t let the score disappoint you. I just feel that this coffee is not for me. If you’re someone who likes to add extras to your coffee such as milk and other flavours, Pacamara Thailand Doi Chang is definitely worth a shot.

I’m unable to find the beans online. I guess you can only buy it in their cafes, which shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re someone like me who loves their coffee and you visit Thailand, Pacamara is a must-visit cafe.

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