Is Cold Drip Better than Cold Brew?

I’ve been drinking Coffee for years. But if there’s one thing I was never a fan of, it is Cold Brew. I know millions of people worldwide love the drink, but it was just not for me. This article is just a personal opinion of my tastes. You might have a different taste preference, and that’s OK.

Both Cold Brew and Cold Drip look similar and are cold coffee drinks. But the process by which they’re made is very different. Both processes have their Pros and Cons.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew is a cold coffee beverage that uses immersion over long periods of hours. Usually, the Coffee is mixed with water and refrigerated to brew for up to 24 hours. After that, the coffee powder is filtered out and the drink is served with ice.

As you can see, Cold Brew is incredibly easy to make and does not require any expensive special equipment. It is also highly accessible. The only downside of it is that it has a long-brewing time.

What is Cold Drip Coffee?

Cold Drip is also another cold coffee drink. However, instead of immersion, cold water is passed through the Coffee very slowly. It consists of three parts. The first part is at the top, which is filled with cold water. The middle part is where the Coffee is kept. Finally, the bottom part is where the Drip Coffee is collected. The flow of water is heavily controlled. Usually, it is only a few drops per minute, depending on the intensity and the roast level of the Coffee we’re using.

As you can see, the entire setup requires special brewing tools and is not simple. This makes the process inconvenient for most people. However, unlike cold brews, Cold Drip only takes about 2-3 hours.

Why I prefer Cold Drip Coffee

The two methods produce entirely different coffees. Cold Brew is a bit lighter and tastes like good Coffee. But Cold Brew goes beyond that, and you will start noticing the finer details. Especially with lighter roasts, it is easier to taste the floral and acidic notes.

With that said, I still drink Cold Brew more than Cold Drip. The sheer simplicity of Cold Brew is hard to beat for someone who does not have the time. While Cold Drip takes much lesser time, it comes in small quantities: single or double serving. With Cold Brew, there is no limit. I’ve brewed as much as 3 litres on one go, and they’re good for two weeks if refrigerated.

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